Why sign it when you can stamp it! A Korean stamp seal (도장, Dojang), a.k.a. name chop is a personal traditional stone or wood stamp used to sign your name. Korean’s have been used the stamp seal since the second centry B.C. and are still using it in special or official documents. For this reason, most Koreans have their own Dojang (or Dojangs depending on their preference)  with their name on it. All name chops are different from each other, giving the uniqueness to be identified from the others.

To share this special tradition with unique souvenir of your own, we would like to invite you to engrave your own Koream stamp seal with your name on it. The tour will take place at Yhlayuen Jeongak Academy (어라연전각아카데미, #202, Insadong-gil 34, Jongno-gu, Seoul). Prior to the activity, we will prepare you with some of the basic Korean characters related to your name, and explain you little bit more about the Korean Dojang. Learn how to write your name in Korean or even choose your new name in Korean and have it on a stone as your personal Dojang to keep your documents STAMPED!


15:00 Meeting @Law Building 3 Entrance

15:15 Pre-activity: learning Hanguel

16:15 Depart to Yhlayuen Jeongak Academy

16:50 Stamp Seal Making Class

18:10 Depart to Dinner Place

Highlights of the tour

Experience making own Korean Seal stamp

You can learn about the significance and the use of ‘Dojang’ throughout the Korean history. ‘Dojang’, a Korean seal stamp, is a comprehensive art product that combines sculpture and design. With this Wingels’ Tour, participants can make their own handmade seal by engraving their name and adding unique design to it. Give yourself a memorable souvenir from Korea with your name on.

Insadong: Ssam Ji gil (쌈짓길)

‘Ssamji’ means ‘pocket’ in Korean, and by adding ‘gil’ which means ‘road’ in Korea, it show the unique characteristic of the venue from its name. In this modern and unique building located in Insadong, there are more than 50 odd shops are welcoming the tourist in a sprial patterned four-story building. It is one of the biggest and busiest shopping center in Insadong. In the shops of Ssamjigil, you can find items such as clothes, shoes, and accessories as well as miscellaneous items such as hand-crafted soap, porcelain, traditional crafts, and snacks. There is even a short rooftop walkway from which you can gaze down upon on the whole of Insadong.In these streets you can feel traditional but also modernized Korean vibes. The whole street would make an amazing Instagram photo spot.

Tips from the locals

Learn the simple Hangul, the written Korean characters, through pre-activity before you go.

Don’t know what to engrave on your stamp seal or don’t know how to write your name in Korean characters? No worries at all! Wingels have prepared a pre-activity for you to learn how to write your name in Korean, or to choose your own Korean name. For about an hour before we put the hands on your masterpiece, we will make sure you know what will be on your forever-staying-personal-seal.

Most Korean Village, Bukchon Hanok Village, is just around the corner.

Bukchon, the North Village in its literal meaning, was established in the Joseon Dynasty and is a representative traditional residence in Seoul area where traditional housing of Korea, Hanoks are gathered. Walking through the Ssamjigil and around the Bukchon area, you can see many cultural assets and galleries, as well as try famous K-street foods and characteristic cafes. Don’t miss the small corners of our itinerary.

Wingels, Team Artist