Taereung International Skating Rink(태릉국제스케이트장) is a world-class skating facility that is operated by the Korea Olympic Committee. The rink serves as the facility for top athletes of Korea as well as general public. They also provide skating lessons for total beginners to professionals. During the Wingels’ tour with us, there will be a skating lesson in a small group with a qualified instructor. If you want to experience professional ice rink or learn how to skate at Korea, the winter sport giant, why not join us for a day?


14:30 Meeting @Law building 3 Entrance

14:45 Depart to Taereung International Skating Rink

15:30 Safety Instruction & Skate Rental

16:00 Skating Class

16:50 Free Skating

17:30 Walking Tour to Korea Sports Museum (Optional)

18:00 Depart to Dinner Place

Highlights of the tour

Korea’s Winter Sports

Wondering what sports would be the best choice in this cold weather? Ice skating is calling you! If you have not yet tried ice-skating, we strongly suggest you to visit one of the rinks while you are in Korea. You will agree that it is one of the most fun activities we can do during winter. Korea produced many multi-medalists from ice skating especially in the field of short track and this naturally led to a ever-growing popularity of winter sports. Ice skating, an easy to learn and safe sports, a best option for you to start from!

Learn from the professionals

At Taereung International Skating Rink, a skating lesson is one of the options you should consider. As easy as walking on the ice, you will be able to glide on the ice with one session of lesson from the professionals at the rink. After the 50 minute lesson, you will also be able to enjoy your free time with your friends, and us(!). For your safety, the skate lesson will be provided as well as mittens and helmets to keep you warm and safe.

Warm yourself up with K-street food

Taereung International Skating Rink also has some snack bars like any other outdoor ice rink at Seoul. Why bother to stay freezing in this weather when you can enjoy all at the rink? With the food voucher, you can try some of the K-street food that will warm you up. Don’t miss out, Hot Odeng (Fishcake) or Korean Ramyeon to most trendy snack such as Ricecake&Sausage bar!

Tips from the locals

Know your size.

Every country around the world has their own way to size clothes and South Korea is no exception to this. Trial and error is always a way to figure things out, but to help you here is a summary table for Korean clothings sizes for women & men. Table of Size Measurement

Snack bar

Snack bar is considered a delicacy in Korea winter sports. Our top 3 recommendations are Topokki(Sitr-fried Rice Cake), Eomuk(Fish Cake), and Korean Snacks. Topokki is one of the most popular Korean street foods here. It’s super delicious, rich and highly addictive! 100% recommended.  But it might be a bit spicy for people who can’t handle spicy food. But no worries. Eomuk, also called Odeng is at its best when it’s skewered on a stick, soaked in broth, and consumed on a chilly in December. The taste in wholesome and hearty, and its texture comes from the blend of fish and grain that it’s made of. These top 3 winter snacks will warm you up. Also, there are different kinds of popular Korean snacks. Besides, there are different kinds of Korean snacks that you might want to try.

What to bring?

We will rent the skate of your size as well as safety helmet. Mittens will be provided by Hanyang on site. What else would you need for a fun memories with ice-skating? Although it is an indoor rink, still it’s ice. Make sure to wear thick clothings to keep you warm at all times. Bringing an extra pair of socks can be a good idea to avoid athlete’s (stinky) feet. Got too many stuffs? You can use locker rooms to protect from lost or damage. All you need is two KRW 500 coin. No coins? Also no worries. There are coin-changing machine here. All you need to do is to feed the paper money into the machine. From 10,000 KRW, you can break it into ten 1,000 KRW.

Wingels, Team Winspo