Ready to trvel back in time for a shining, shimmering and splendid moments of Seoul? Then join our Wingels’ Tour to visit the old royal palace of Joseon Dynasty in the fashion of the time. In the famous palace Gyeongbokgung(경복궁) you will find the gorgeous and modernized, yet traditional architectural buildings with a beautiful pond. This scenery will leave you with unforgettable memories. At the National Palace Museum, 11 different concepts of Korean traditional culture will be presented to you to help you understand our history. Moreover, you can visit all of this wearing an elegant Hanbok(한복, Korean traditional costume). You enjoy, we will capture all your memories in to a still moment on the camera. Want to join our time travel? Just knock on our door!


14:30 Meeting @Aejeemun, Depart to Hanbok Rental Shop

15:00 Rent Hanbok and get changed

15:20 Visit Gyeongbokgung

16:40 Visit National Palace Museum

17:50 Return Hanbok

18:10 Depart to Dinner Place

Highlights of the tour


Gyeongbokgung was built in 1395, during the Joseon Dynasty, the former country of Korea. Out of the five main palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung is arguably the most beautiful, and remains the largest of all. Remarkably, the most representative edifices of the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeonghoeru(경회루) Pavilion and Hyangwonjeong(향원정) Pond have remained relatively intact. Its traditional appearance makes us feel like we are living in different time period in contrast to the super modern and fast urban area around it. This sense of disconnection is a uniqueness of Seoul, the city of past, present and future.

Palace museum

National Palace Museum of Korea has 3 floors in total. Upon entering, you can start the journey from 2F, which includes Kings of the Joseon Dynasty, Joseon Palaces and Royal Court Life. On the 1F, there is the Korean Empire. King Gojong(r. 1863~1907) renamed the Joseon Dynasty to the Korean Empire and declared himself Emperor, in order to assert the nation’s sovereignty amid encroachment from neighboring imperialist powers. On the B1F, There is Paintings and Calligraphy of Joseon Royal court, Royal Rituals of the Joseon Dynasty and Scientific Achievement of the Joseon Dynasty. In the science and culture exhibition room, you can explore the history of Joseon’s high-quality scientific culture by the displayed Restored Model of Jagyeokru, the Clepsydra(it actually works according to the timetable, so you can see how it works at a certain time.)


Want to be a King or a Queen? Why not? Just for a day from the King to the commer, you can be anything you want to be in this Hanbok. It will take you right back to the Joseon Dynasty as you walk along the palace with your picked out traditional costume. From the hair to the toe, it will be a perfect make over for you!

Tips from the locals

Hanyang = Seoul?

Did you know the meaning of Hanyang, the name of the Universtity? Hanyang is a old city name for Seoul, precisely in the period of Joseon Dynasty. The first king of Joseon, King Taejo chose Hanyang to be its new capital for the new dynasty and moved to Seoul city. Gyeongbokgung, which means “palace greatly blessed by Heaven,” was built to represent the sovereignty of the Joseon Dynasty and still remains as one of the most iconic sights in all of Korea thanks to its long and storied history.

Look for this at the National Palace Museum

In B1F, There are two classic cars on display. Each vehicle was a vehicle for Emperor Sunjong and Empress Sunjong. They are Cadillac limousine made by GM of the United States with only 20 vehicles left in the world. Also try collecting 12 stamps hidden at the museum! (To give you little hints, you can find no.1~4 stamp on the 2F, no.5~8 stamp on 1F, and no.9~12 stamp on the B1 floor.)

Dress warm, travel light

Although Hanbok is a very beautiful clothing, it is not the best to protect you from the brutal wind of Korea’s Winter. To choose the one you want the most based on its design, style, color, (not warm it is!) make sure to bring a thick coat to put on. Wearing a few layers of thin inners will be also helpful.

As Hanbok has no pocket to carry your personal items, you will be asked to leave unnecessary items at the locker of the rental shop. Make sure to bring only what is needed to travel light. (Girls will be also able to choose a small bag with no extra charge in addition to the Jeogori(저고리, Top) and the skirt. )

Wingels, Team HIWStory