Which type of person are you, Chimaek type or Samsso type?

Chimaek: Chicken & Beer

A Highly Addictive, Magical Combination of K-food!

The new KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken. Once you’ve sampled the fried chicken in Korea, you will never forget the taste of it. In fact, the No.1 dinner menu ordered by Koreans of all ages is the dishes of chicken. A dish of fried chicken washed down with a refreshing glass of cool beer will make you forget all your travel fatigue and experience Korea’s actual drinking tradition. Why not experience Korea’s double-fried crunchier chicken and freshly drafted beer for your dinner out with K-buddies? One-shot and Cheers for you!

Samsso: Samgyupsal(Grilled pork belly)&Soju

A Crispy Dish Best Enjoyed with Korean Distilled Liquor!

Samgyupsal(삼겹살) is a savory dish cooked by grilling pork’s belly and its crispy but tender taste keeps customers coming back for more. The best way to eat it is to take a piece of samgyupsal meat with vegetables such as onions and dip it in ssamjang(쌈장), a spicy sauce made with soybean paste and red pepper paste. Then, pop the entire thing in your mouth and enjoy the harmony! What’s more, if you eat it together with a bottle of soju, Korea’s representative liquor, you’ll have a truly authentic meal experience! Dare to try original Korean Soju?