It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the correct type of Visa to participate in Hanyang International Winter School. Nationals of countries or regions where Korea has signed a Visa waiver agreement may take participate Hanyang International Winter School. However, students from countries which are excluded from the Visa waiver agreement program must apply for a short-term study Visa (D-2-8) on their own at the Korean Embassy or Korean Consulate Office in the country you are currently studying at. Obtaining a Visa may be time-consuming and therefore we encourage students to start preparing for it as early as possible.

Once you are fully admitted to the program, the basic documents required for the visa application will be provided for you.

  • Certificate of Admission
  • Certificate of Business Registration of Hanyang

Consult with the Korean Embassy or Consulate beforehand for the additional documents required for the application.

For us to issue you the document with correct personal information, contact us immediately if there is any errors or updates in your traveling document, for example passport.