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How to get a Korean SIM card

HOW TO GET A KOREAN SIM CARDVisitors or foreigners coming to Korea can purchase eSIM or a physical SIM card online prior to their arrival. If you have eSIM compatible phone, you don’t have to visit an offline counter in the airport but just download a plan by scanning a QR code. You can keep your own phone number as well since you don’t have to remove your original SIM card. If you prefer a physical SIM card, you can purchase it online in prior to arrival or after arrival at telecom company counters in airports.BEFORE BUYING A SIM CARDMake ... Read more >

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Explore Seoul with Seoul Citywide Bike Rental System (a.k.a. 따릉이)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a public bike-sharing service in 2015 called Seoul Bikes (“따릉이” in Korean). It was designed to be a self-operating rental service that could be used conveniently by anyone. The system was designed to resolve issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and high oil prices in Seoul, and to build a healthier society while enhancing the quality of life for Seoul citizens. Currently there are 20,000 Seoul Bikes available to users, with plans to expand the project in the coming years. Seoul Bikes are a great way to travel distances that are a bit too ... Read more >

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10 Korean Numbers You Should Know In Case of Emergency

For a safe stay in Korea, it is helpful to know some of the Emergency/Medical hotline in Korea. Along with the Emergency hotline in Korea, we introduce some of the helpline for Foreigners in Korea. All of the numbers below provide services in English and some also in other languages for example Chinese. Emergency/Medical Hotlines 112  | Police Call to report life-threatening situations and emergencies requiring law enforcement. Text service and location tracking service is also available. 119 | Fire & Ambulance The fire department and health emergencies requiring ambulance service. There’s also an English reporting section on their website. 182 | Missing Persons & Stolen ... Read more >

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