Location(Building #) Operating Hour
Hanyang Plaza (105) 3F

Weekdays *Lunch/Dinner (9:30~17:00)

*School food (10:00~11:00/14:00~16:30)

*Baekban (9:30~11:30)

Saturday *Lunch (10:00~14:00)

Student Union (107) 2F

*Lunch (11:00~14:30)

*Dinner (16:30~18:30)

Haengwon Park (707) B1

*Lunch/Dinner (11:30~18:50)

*School food (14:00~18:00)

College of Human Ecology (401) 7F

Weekdays *Lunch (11:30~14:00)

*Dinner (17:00~18:30)

Saturday *Lunch (11:30~13:30)

Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building (204) 7F

Weekdays *Lunch (11:30~13:30)

*Dinner (17:00~18:30)

Saturday *Lunch (11:30~13:30)


Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building (204) B1

Weekdays *Lunch (11:30~13:30)

*Dinner – There is no dinner service during the vacation

Name Location (Building #)
Coffea Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F
BrowNavi Hanyang Plaza (105) 3F
Book Cafe Student Union (107) 2F
CNN FTC (208) 3F
TIAMO Amphitheater (209) 1F
Café Q IT/BT (305) 3F
TIAMO CU Convenient Store (503) 1F
PanDorothy College of Humanities (508) B1F
Caffe Bene Hanyang Cyber University 2 (703) 1F
HYWU Haengwon Park (707) B1F

There are several convenience stores that you could use in Campus. Most of them are located in each HYU buildings. You could have fun with exploring the hidden convenience store.

Location (Building #)

Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F
SSagun (503)
Hanyang Cyber University 2 (703) 1F
Hanyang University Medical Center (610) 3F
Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building (204) B1
Between College of Natural Sciences (507) and College of Humanities (508)
Haengwon Park (707) B1
Olympic Gymnasium (306) 2F
Place between Engineering Building 2 (207) and Amphitheater (209)
Haengwon Square (904) B1

For students who have to use banking services can visit the Shinhan Bank in the Alumni Association Building.

Location (Building #)
Engineering Building 1 (212) 4F
College of Human Ecology (401) 1F
Paiknam Library (501) 1F
College of Natural Sciences (507) 1F
Alumni Association Building (607) 3F (Lobby Floor)
Hanyang Cyber University (703)
School of Business (706) 2F
Haengwon Park (707) B1F
Student Residence Hall 2 (804) 1F
Haengwon Square (904) B1F

Although printing is available in most PC rooms in each college building, many printing shops are also there for quicker service. T-money card is mainly used for paying copies in PC rooms but some shops require cash when the total price is lower than 1,000 KRW. Make sure to have your document on email or on your flash drive.

Location (Building #)

Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F

International Building (108) 2F, Global Information Center

Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building (204) 1F

Engineering Center (206) 4F

Engineering Building 1 (212) 1F

IT/BT Center (305) 1, 9, 10F

College of Economics and Finance (410) B1F

Paiknam Library (501) 1F

College of Humanities Building (508) B1F

College of Medicine (606) 3F

College of Medicine Lecture Hall (618) 1F

Haengwon Park (707) B1F

* Opening Hours 8:30 ~ 18:00

Resting lounges for female students vary in sizes and interior, and the cleanest and comfortable. ones are in the Engineering Building 1, the Humanities Building, and the College of Natural Sciences. One resting room for male students is available on the B1 floor of the Business Administration building.


Location (Building #)


Student Union (107) 4F

Engineering Building 1 (212) 4F

Law Library (410) 1F

Paiknam Library (510) B1F

College of Natural Sciences (507) 1F

College of Humanities Building (508) B1F

School of Business Building, 1F


School of Business Building, B2F




Operating Hour

Gym Health and Sweat (On-campus) 5th Floor, Student Union (107) Weekdays – 06:30~22:00
Saturday – 09:00~17:00
Fitness Center
B1 , Business school(706) Vacation – 09:00~19:50
Tennis Tennis Court (on-campus) Next to Haengwon Park Open all-day
Majang Tennis Court Wangsimni station exit 6 in front of Majang apartment 09:00~18:00
Swimming Soong-in Sports center Sindab station exit 1 06:00~22:00
Basketball Basketball court (on-campus) Next to Haengwon park Open all-day
Salgoji Basketball court Nearby Jungnan stream behind Hanyang university Open all-day

Hanyang Health Care Center, Student Union (107) 3F, is equipped with non-prescription medicine, dressing set, crutches, and wheelchair. The center is prepared to transfer patients to Hanyang Hospital in case of emergency.

Office hour: Weekdays – 10:00~17:00
(Office is closed for lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00)