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These are the four ticket activities from which you can choose ONE.

 1. Lotte World & Seoul Sky
Wanna see intriguing entertainment and sightseeing at Lotte World Adventure indoors and outdoors?
For much more fun, you can get an access to the world’s fifth tallest building, Seoul Sky. Photograph the best Seoul night views here!

2. One Million Dance Studio
K-pop lovers! Get ready for amazing K-choreography!
If K-culture has got you hooked on Korea, K-pop dance must not be exempted from your choice! K-pop dance experts will teach you to follow each move and master a complete choreography at the end. Want yourself to get into the rhythm?

3. Hanbok Experience
Surely you will feel real “Korean-spirit” with yourself in Hanbok, the traditional Korean clothes, going around Korean historical sites like Gyeongbok Palace. Perfect excursion option to experience Korean beautiful heritage!

4. Nanta Show
Non-verbal Korean cooking themed performance!
If you’re hungry for comedic entertainment, feast your eyes on this delightful rhythmic treats! A variety of percussion sights and sounds will have your toes tapping and sides aching with laughter!

*Each ticket activity varies in schedule. Please make sure to use the ticket within the ticket validity period.

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