Korean Society and Culture

Course Details

Title Korean Society and Culture
Field of Study Korean studies
Professor Hanyang (winterschool@hanyang.ac.kr)
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Session A
Course code PER2021
Course number 18511
Description A course designed to show students how history and culture are intertwined – with each affecting the other in various ways over the passage of time. From the philosophical roots of the Korean culture to the modern manifestations and neologisms present in social and internet discourse, the course will focus on what has created Korean culture as we know it today and what pivotal historical events have shaped the behavioural patterns and held values of the people of the Korean Peninsula.
Objective The course is focused on allowing students to take a critical approach to history, culture, and sociology. They will be expected to understand a broad range of materials in the descriptive sense and then, importantly, learn how this can be interpreted and analyzed in a normative manner.
Preparations An inquisitive mind and eager attitude
Materials Korean Society and Culture_Sung-Chull Lee
Lesson Plan
Last Updated October 30, 2023
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