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Title Digital Studio
Field of Study Design
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Session A
Course code ISS1076
Course number

Digital Studio is designed to develop and harness several new media literacies in order to communicate with public audiences. Students will be challenged as they build upon their photography, visualization, storytelling, and design skills in order to better reach and impact their audiences. The course will culminate in a digital portfolio review of students’ pitches, research, practice, and feedback.
Students will benefit from this classroom experience that scaffolds support for them in the form of a case study and practice relevant to their pitches and interest areas.
Students will develop skills using digital photography, and design tools (including Adobe suite software: Spark, Portfolio, Photoshop, Premiere).


Assignment - 20%
Participation - 50%

Objective Objective 1: This course facilitates project-based learning and supports creative praxis (theory and practice) to take advantage of student experiences at Hanyang as their winter studio. Objective 2: Students will deeply consider what it means to be a creator at this time of convergence in order to intentionally engage and develop their unique visual culture, communication, and design strategies and portfolio.
Preparations Laptop with the necessary software, Any imaging device: Digital Camera or Smart Phone & Apps
Last Updated October 18, 2019