Art of Self Defense: Taekwondo

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Title Art of Self Defense (Taekwondo)
Field of Study Sport
Professor Hanyang (
Type Elective course
Credits 1
Contact hours 15
Schedule Session A & B
Course code ISS1017
Course number
Description Taekwondo is a sport in which no man, woman, age, or age has any weapons, and anywhere, anytime, anywhere, by honing the skills of defense and attack and walking down a human path through physical and mental training. As a physical exercise It has a great effect on the development of children's growth, improvement of health for young adults and women's health and beauty. Taekwondo's technical system and form of exercise are designed to use each part of the bo dy in a balanced manner, so that the flexibility of human joints develops evenly, and can greatly help relieve stress and mental disabilities that increase with the development of civilization As an educational means It all boils down to the fact that it guides people to practice their will to self perform, improve their ability to adapt to human life beyond self centered life, which is easy to fall into through frequent and repeated training of etiquette. These virtues in human life are what Taekwondo pursues as education, and that is the most important aspect of Taekwondo. [Evaluation] Final - 40% Attendance - 30% Participation - 30%
Objective Practiced taekwondo to physical health promotion and defense capabilities, culture and motor functions will improve and correct formation of character and social development and mentality.
Preparations Taekwondo Do bok (uniform) shall be bought (KRW 30,000) or rented (KRW 15,000) in orientation.
Materials Art of Self Defense (Teakwondo)_Mankeun Kim
Lesson Plan
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