HIWS 2020

  • Only students who are fully admitted to the program can register the courses

  • Course Registration is first-come and first-served basis

  • Each class will be held every day from Monday to Friday (5 days a week)

  • Students can choose up to one Academic course (max 3 credits).

Registration Schedule

Before Program begins

Course Registration Period Notes
1st Add and Drop 2020.10.19 – 2020.10.23 *Online System (HY-in Portal)
2nd Add and Drop 2020.11.16 – 2020.11.20 *Online System (HY-in Portal)
3rd Add and Drop 2020.12.07 – 2020.12.10 *Online System (HY-in Portal)

After Program begins

Course Registration Period Notes
Final Add and Drop TBD *Online System (HY-in Portal)

Registration Procedure

* Course registration is available only during the designated period as above

  1. Check our Course List and Syllabus to find desire courses.
  2. Complete our Program Admission to receive a Hanyang student ID number and password.
  3. Login to the HY-in Portal Course Registration page with above login information.
  4. Register courses via above system within the designated period above.

* The level of Korean Language course will be finalized based on the instructor’s confirmation.

  1. Check Korean Language Course Syllabus
  2. Register a course at your desired level
  3. Attend the first class of your registered level and consult with the instructor to get a confirmation for the right level
  4. Modify your registered level to the right level during the course add & drop period if your registered level is different from the confirmed one by instructor
  5. Attend the course of your right level