[Hanbok & Palace] Time 4 Palace

Ready to trvel back in time for a shining, shimmering and splendid moments of Seoul? Then join our Wingels' Tour to visit the old royal palace of Joseon Dynasty in the fashion of the time. In the famous palace Gyeongbokgung(경복궁) you will find the gorgeous and modernized, yet traditional architectural buildings with a beautiful pond. This scenery will leave you with unforgettable memories. At the National Palace Museum, 11 different concepts of Korean traditional culture will be presented to you to help you understand our history. Moreover, you can visit all of this wearing an elegant Hanbok(한복, Korean ... Read more >

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[K-food cooking class] Real JMT Taste of Korea

It is said that to truly understand a country's culture, you must first experience its food. If you want to learn more about Korea's traditional food, there is no better way than to try your hand at making the food yourself. From a variety of cooking programs that are available for international visitors, offering lessons on how to make popular dishes we would like to invite you to Institute of Traditional Korean Food. You will have all of your own equipment, prep tables and a stove station at your disposal. At the end of the class you can ... Read more >

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[Ice Skating] Frozen 3

Taereung International Skating Rink(태릉국제스케이트장) is a world-class skating facility that is operated by the Korea Olympic Committee. The rink serves as the facility for top athletes of Korea as well as general public. They also provide skating lessons for total beginners to professionals. During the Wingels' tour with us, there will be a skating lesson in a small group with a qualified instructor. If you want to experience professional ice rink or learn how to skate at Korea, the winter sport giant, why not join us for a day? Itinerary 14:30 Meeting @Law building 3 Entrance 14:45 ... Read more >

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[Dinner] What’s your K-food type?

Which type of person are you, Chimaek type or Samsso type? Chimaek: Chicken & Beer A Highly Addictive, Magical Combination of K-food! The new KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken. Once you've sampled the fried chicken in Korea, you will never forget the taste of it. In fact, the No.1 dinner menu ordered by Koreans of all ages is the dishes of chicken. A dish of fried chicken washed down with a refreshing glass of cool beer will make you forget all your travel fatigue and experience Korea’s actual drinking tradition. Why not experience Korea's double-fried crunchier chicken ... Read more >

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[Korean Seal Stamp] Sign it? Stamp it!

Why sign it when you can stamp it! A Korean stamp seal (도장, Dojang), a.k.a. name chop is a personal traditional stone or wood stamp used to sign your name. Korean's have been used the stamp seal since the second centry B.C. and are still using it in special or official documents. For this reason, most Koreans have their own Dojang (or Dojangs depending on their preference)  with their name on it. All name chops are different from each other, giving the uniqueness to be identified from the others. To share this special tradition with unique souvenir of ... Read more >

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