Grading Policy

The student’s academic performance is assessed according to four different criteria: Exams, assignments, attendance, and class participation. Grading system at HIWS follows a straight grading scale. Generally, course performance is graded on the following scale:

Letter Numerical
A+ 95 – 100 4.5
A0 90 – 94 4
B+ 85 – 89 3.5
B0 80 – 84 3
C+ 75 – 79 2.5
C0 70 – 74 2
D+ 65 – 69 1.5
D0 60 – 64 1
F 0 – 59 0


As HIWS is an intensive short-term study program, class attendance takes a very important part in evaluation for the course. Hanyang University’s academic regulations state that class attendance of at least 70 percent is required to earn a passing grade. Students who are absent without prior notice or excuse for more than two classes can be given an “F” grade for the course. Absence for more than two classes is discouraged, even if prior notice was given. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending classes, you must inform the professor prior to class. In case of health problems, students should inform the professor as early as possible and later submit a doctor’s note to the professor.

Credit Transfer

All HIWS courses are credit-bearing courses and are acknowledged at most universities and institutions. However, it is best that you consult appropriate academic officials at their home institution about the credit transferability before the program begins. It is student’s responsibility and home university’s right to consult and transfer the credits.

*1 HYU credit has 15 contact hours. All academic courses offered at HIWS is 3 credits each with total of 45 contact hours. All elective courses offered at HIWS is 1 credit each with total of 15 contact hours.

Official Transcript

Approximately 2 weeks after the completion of the program, one free copy of the official transcript is available for each student at Hanyang-In portal along with the certificate of completion. Please note that transcripts for current year’s HIWS students are not available before this time. Transcripts of partner institution students will be also automatically sent to the international office via airmail at this time. Students from non-partner universities can receive a free hard copy if requested by the international office of the institution. To prevent any risks associated with counterfeiting, E-transcript is not available.

Additional Transcript Request

All current and former HIWS students can request additional transcripts by clicking below. There is a fee required for each transcript requested. The pricing information is listed below for the different types of delivery services. If you encounter any difficulties paying with PayPal, please contact us directly at

  • Scanned Soft Copy (Sent via E-mail): 5 USD
  • Paper Hard Copy (Domestic: Sent via Mail): 15 USD
  • Paper Hard Copy (International: Sent via Air Mail): 25 USD

Academic transcripts normally take 5-7 business days to process, and up to 2 business weeks to be delivered via international airmail since the request. We do not have any responsibility for students’ personal deadline.

Request Additional Transcript